Turnkey Solutions for Membership Based Organizations


Paramount Programs is equipped to manage all aspects of your membership based association. Our highly skilled and exceptionally trained team has the expertise and experience that results in value enhancement to your association. The following is a representation of some of the services we provide. Services are customized to meet the unique and specific needs of your association and Board.


  • As needed or 24 hours/7 days a week
  • Work closely with the Board of Directors
  • Abide by the association documents & By-laws
  • Work as an advisor to the Board of Directors
  • Negotiate, obtain & execute bids/proposals on behalf of the Board
  • Schedule & oversee work approved by the Board of Directors
  • Assist in arranging Board meetings, Special meetings, Annual meetings, Committee Meetings, etc.
  • Attend Board meetings and the Annual meeting as specified
  • Pass along volume pricing with certain qualified vendors or contractors
  • Maintain relationships with third party contractors and personnel
  • Work with other professional organizations (i.e. Reserve Advisors, Certified Public Accountants, attorneys, appraisers, assessors, financial analysts, insurance companies)

Financial Management

  • Draft & preparation of annual budget with Board of Directors
  • Provide a Chart of Accounts to prepare budgets
  • Monitor spending per annual budget
  • Approve invoices
  • Provide past due letters to Members and collection services (attorney costs)


  • Set up checking & savings accounts in the Association name
  • Website for your Association
  • Provide Association dues payment options
  • Bookkeeping for dues & expenses
  • Process Association dues checks & deposit into bank
  • Process all approved invoices
  • Distribute checks
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements/check register
  • Provide monthly financial statements (balance sheet, profit & loss, check register, check distribution report, other ledgers/statement of accounts)
  • Provide year-end tax service referrals, which includes compiling corporate and employee taxes for tax preparer
  • Process Annual Stock report for Association


  • Maintain up to date and accurate member & contractor rosters
  • Draft Board meeting packets including an agenda, meeting minutes, property manager’s report and financial statements
  • Provide a disaster plan
  • Produce letters & mailings for the Association
  • Maintain all files
  • Provide Member surveys to rate our performance, and work to improve our services however necessary upon request
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